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The internet is a massive entity which gets billions of visitors each month, and also many new visitors each year. It is growing exponentially and business owners are realizing that they need to tap into its vast resources in order to maximize sales potential and publicity. The best way to do this is to utilize the advantages of a wonderful website development service such as mine at ladybugwebsites.com. I offer freelance website development services which will help to push your business concept to the next level.

Brick and mortar business establishments will never die out, but actual store locations have lost a tremendous amount of revenue to online businesses and will continue to do so in the near future. The outlook is bleaker in the long run because of rapid advances in computer technology.

Customers love the convenience of being able to do their shopping online and manufacturers are finding that they can sell goods quickly and more easily over the internet rather than out of brick and mortar stores. The manufacturers save tremendously on overhead and tend to transfer these savings to the consumer in the form of lower prices. Personalized internet sites cost very little to build and maintain. Very little maintenance and marketing is required to keep the site current after you allow me to build it for you. The completed website will place your business out in front of thousands of potential customers, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

My service at Ladybugwebsites.com will handle all of the work of building the perfect custom web site for you. I am a freelancer who has the expertise, skill, and knowledge to produce a top of the line website which will enhance the status of your business.

You don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of building the site when you work with us. We will take care of it all for you. I have the expertise and experience to make it possible for you to be able to focus on the many other critical business decisions that you have to make each day. You can set your mind at ease when you know the design of your site is in the hands of me and my team of freelance developers.

We design and create the site for you while saving you greatly on the expense and headaches which you would incur if you attempted to do it on your own. You do not have to become an expert to get the best quality because I will provide top of the line service to you.

Advantages of Owning a Website

The custom designed website gives you a viable method of promoting your business to many thousands of people who would otherwise never have a clue that you exist. Specific keywords can instantly get your business in front of millions of potential customers all over the world. You can use your new site to sell products to a specific clientele, or to promote your brand to worldwide audiences. You can build a rapport with customers around the world by giving continuous updates and newsletters. You can also use features that I will provide for you to build a list of customers.

Connect with your Customers

Your website will help you to connect with your customers on a personal level, and to have a meaningful interaction and long term relationship with them. This is critical because the internet The internet is a huge, informal entity. Connecting with the customer is the way to cause many customers to return to do business with you again and again. Once I have completed your website you will be connected to your customers in a manner which has never been possible before. Web development is crucial if you want to go to the next level of customer service and retain customers for life.

You can connect with us through any of the internet search engines or on www.freelancer.com so that I can give you the best possible options for web development. Even if you have a website, you need to look at its design and consider developing it further by using our freelancer for hire service. A website must be a dynamic growing entity. It has to change constantly in order to take advantage of new technology, and evolving internet trends.

Build your Brand

One purpose of web development is to build your own brand. Many sites are not created with the object of being a sales platform, but a platform to be used to promote your brand, and to make your business name a popular identity. Creating websites is our specialty and I believe my freelance service will work wonderfully for you.

You will have an ongoing relationship with your clients through the website that I create for you. This takes the business concept into a place where you can never go if you are totally set on using the traditional brick and mortar business model. If you own a store you have to wait for the customer to travel to your location, which is probably not convenient for him/her at all. When you allow my website development service to work for you your customer can remain in the comfort of his or her own home and visit your online site any time of the day or night. They will then be able to browse your products, get the latest and most relevant information about your business, make a purchase, or ask you a question.

Personal Input

Our team of freelancers will allow you to give your personal input into exactly what you envision your new web site to be. I will capture the real you in the way that I write your content so that it speaks to the exact customer that you target. You will speak to your customers on the level that they understand best. I will get your personal thoughts and communicate them directly to your customers in the simplest and clearest possible terms.

The content of your new site will attract the interest of the exact people whom you need. I have the web development knowledge and expertise to make sure that I get the right chemistry between your site and your customers, which is the key to holding their interest. If you are not able to keep the customer engrossed in what you do you will lose him/her, and all of the potential profit that you would have received from their continued support.

What you get for your Money

The most important thing that I give you is personalized content. There are millions of websites on the internet and yours is the only one which will speak of you. It has to be unique. Our freelance website designers will be dedicated to you and your specific needs. I am only a phone call or an email away. I take our interaction with you just as seriously as you should take your own interaction with your own customers.

I will update your site and keep you advised of any changes that you need to incorporate into its design, or basic structural changes of content and SEO that you will need to make to remain current. This will enhance the appeal of your site to the customer and lower possible downtime due to incompatibility issues.

Our web development experts are also SEO experts and will construct your site in such a way as to get the best possible search engine results. Your site will be shown whenever customers use one of the many relevant terms that point to your business. This will give you an advantage over the millions of other competitors on the internet.

Our expert SEO optimization techniques will result in you reaching customers whom you have never been able to reach before. We will also design your new website to be mobile friendly so that people will be able to access it easily using their mobile phone or iPad. Your newly designed web site will not only be visible to all devices it will be sharp, navigable, and clear to the customer. Remember that traffic is critical to your sales. The brick and mortar store which never receives any traffic will never sell merchandise. Any location which gets more traffic will make more sales even if the products that it contains are not up to standard. The same is true of your website. Content is critical but traffic is supercritical. Our website design techniques are geared towards optimizing your site for both.

You will also be able to cultivate new subscribers through your site. Each subscriber has the potential to become a loyal paying customer as long as you continue to update your site with us. The subscriber who does not purchase a product from you or use your service, remains a potential customer as long as you are able to remain intimate by providing new, fresh content.

Our focus on the analytics, design, and hosting of your new site is absolutely invaluable to you the business owner, and will save a tremendous amount of time, money, resources, and effort. I can create a totally professional looking site whether you cater to a professional clientele, or a trendy, informal, more progressive group of people.

You and I will plan our strategy together and I will work with you as a dedicated person on your team. Your goals will become mine until we complete this project. I will satisfy your desires yet take full advantage of my technical expertise at the same time.

You will be able to track the traffic to your website, and to determine your true audience and source of sales. We will show you how to utilize these statistics to tweak your content and greatly enhance customer service. We will be there for you in case you need our support. We will offer additional services to keep you ahead of your competition. I will also assist you with domain registration and the hosting of your site. My experience will provide a perfect complement to your brand. The service that I give will help you to place your best foot forward in this particular area. It is up to you to be successful in the actual running of your business.

The Process

We will take several steps during the web development process to insure that we deliver above and beyond your actual expectations. We will guide you through all of the aspects of site development which can have a positive or negative effect on the people who view your site.

During our consultations we will discuss the color of the pages and lettering of your new site as well as letter size and font. You and I will also cover factors such as the correct placement of pictures for maximum visual impact, as well as where you should place the gadgets and buttons which will be used by your visitors.

I will also cater the writing style to your customer base. I have the web development experience and expertise necessary to do so and when you hire me as your freelance web designer you will have my incredible expertise at your fingertips.

Once we have conferred in great detail and both have an idea of your concept I will put a draft product together for your approval. I will consult with you again after you have had the opportunity to review my work. We will then tweak it to your expectations and to have the greatest impact on your target audience.

About me

You can take advantage of my freelance service and the many years of successful service and expertise and put them to work for you. I have been in the website development business for many years and have experienced a very high success rate for my customers.

I am expanding my business model to make it available to you through freelancer.com. Freelancer offers an excellent platform for you as the purchaser because they will insure that you get the product that you pay for before your payment is released to me and will serve as an impartial arbitrator in case you are not satisfied with the product. This is just my way of going the extra step to insure that your needs have been addressed.

We are also skilled in the use of all of the following platforms: /Javascript/Mysql/Ajax, Systems Worpdress, Joomla, Drupal, Zend, CakePHP, Symfony, Magento.


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